The Psycho Electric Audiobook Is Out!

The stand-alone Spinward Fringe book is now available on Audible. This audiobook is different from most because it was produced with the “Boutique” mentality, where more attention was paid to performance than normal, so it took much longer to create than normal. David Berlekamp already has a golden voice, but he also performs each character separately so their journeys and emotional levels are present. The Editor and Producer, Heather Berlekamp, put it all together expertly. Then it’s wrapped up with music composed especially for Psycho Electric by Patrick D Emond, who posted the full theme for free here.

I’m proud of this collaboration and hope you enjoy it!

This one and all my other audiobooks will only be available on Audible and iTunes for the foreseeable future. Here’s how you can get your hands on it:

Audible US 

Audible UK 



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