New Book Alert Starring A Furry Friend!

I’ve been secretly working on a side project for some time now. Nearly a year ago I had a nightmare. I was in my office, surrounded by kittens who were taunting me as they took turns walking on my keyboard, tapping my touchpad and whacking my mouse between each other. All the while I could hear the sound of something tunnelling beneath my feet. I woke up suddenly, as though the world exploded.

That’s how the concept behind this book, which is only half comedy, was born. It’s more of a novella with an abrupt ending that I don’t want to spoil, so I can’t talk about it much more. You can pick it up anywhere ebooks are sold and there is an audiobook in production using several voice actors. You might not recognize them though, since all of the dialogue is recorded through a cat or kitten filter except for the adults, who are recorded using the Charlie Brown Wah-Wah filter since this book is really all about felines.

I hope you enjoy this, even though it is quite a departure. I’ll get right back to work on Spinward Fringe and my shorter series as soon as the movie deal is finished. I can’t say much about which studio has come along, but their name rhymes with “fairmount.”

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