Below the links you’ll find an explanation as to why some of my Audiobooks are narrated by performers and others are created using Google’s Auto-Narrators. I hope you enjoy them.

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins – USA | Worldwide

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 1: Resurrection – USA | Worldwide

Psycho Electric: A Spinward Fringe Novel – USA | Worldwide

Check out my selection of Auto-Narrated Audiobooks by clicking here.

Now, for the Audiobook Q&A.

Why don’t you sell all your books through Audible?
Audible doesn’t accept Auto-Narrated or any content read by an artificial intelligence. There are authors and producers who sneak books in past that policy, but I’d rather not get banned from the platform. If they change that policy, I’ll still stay away because, in my opinion, the back end of Audible’s platform and the way they treat their authors is terrible. I have nothing against their customers, especially since the retail experience is very good, but I only work with them out of necessity.

Why don’t you sell Broadcast 0, 1 and Psycho Electric on Google Play?
In order to earn a few dollars per audiobook with Audible, I have to exclusively sell through them. They distribute the audiobooks to Apple for me. I don’t earn much using them, but few if any of the audiobooks narrated by humans have sold anywhere else, historically. If the books are sold outside of Audible or Apple, you’ll be able to find out where they are here.

Why do you use Auto-Narration?
I can’t afford to have humans narrate or perform any more books, but people still want an audio version of my novels. Auto-Narration by Google is better than having most AIs read a book, and it’s very cheap at the moment, so I see it as a compromise. It may not be the most ideal experience, but I find that it’s good enough and it will improve. Since improved versions of the books will be automatically provided for everyone who picks one up, even after purchase, I’m comfortable with offering any books I couldn’t get narrated as an Auto-Narrated version for a reduced price.

Will you have books narrated by a human in the future?
It isn’t likely at the moment. I enjoy having one or more humans perform my books, but at this rate, it will take seven years or more for me to recoup my investment. The services a narrator provides aren’t cheap, and they deserve to be paid fairly. Sadly, I don’t have the audience to support flesh and blood audiobook production. If things pick up in the future, I may consider it.

Do you like having your novels in Audiobook format?
Absolutely. When I prepare to write the next book in a series I re-read the previous volume. Sometimes I’ll read the entire series, which can take quite a while, especially since I take notes and add to the Series Bible while I’m at it. Using the audiobook version speeds things up. Reading a book while I’m taking a walk, or doing groceries just isn’t practical.

Why don’t you narrate them yourself?
A well narrated audiobook takes a lot of time and talent. Editing and mastering takes a lot of time as well, as much as four hours for every hour of narration. I’m not the best narrator to be honest, and I would much rather spend my time writing. There are also a lot of business concerns that I have to keep up with since I’m my own publisher, publicist, and manager. You’re probably seeing a theme here, and that’s time. There just isn’t enough of it.

Will all your books be available in some kind of audio format?
Yes! If they aren’t already, then they will be in the coming months.

I’ll narrate your books for free! Can I help?
Sadly, no. I pay people for their work, I wouldn’t do it any other way. I also prefer to work with professionals that require minimal direction and can offer the other services like editing and mastering as well. I appreciate every offer of help or collaboration, but I can’t accept most of them because collaboration takes time, and having people work for free can become very complicated.

I’m a Narrator. Would you let me produce your audiobooks in exchange for partial rights or royalties instead of an up-front payment?
No. I don’t share royalties or audio rights with individuals for any purpose. If you represent a company with real references that I can contact, then I may be interested in a limited production deal.

Thank you for reading this far! If you have any more questions, you can reach me through the Contact link at the top of the page.