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Big January Sale In The Bookstore

Hey everyone! There’s a specific purpose for this sale, unlike most. I can’t tell you exactly what that is, because I’m raising funds for a project that I can’t work on alone. Instead of starting a Kickstarter or other crowdfunding campaign, I’d like to use my existing store to pay for this so you can get something out of your contribution right away. Well, a little slower if you order something that I have to sign and ship.

What is this project?
Well, like I said I can’t get into specifics, but it involves illustrations and may involve audio production if I gather a large enough pile of coins.

When will it come out?
There is no release date set yet, but some of the imagery and other parts of the project will surface soon if things go well with raising funds.

Does this involve Spinward Fringe?
It is only about Spinward Fringe. I can’t say more.

I wish I could tell you more about this side project but the scope and duration of it is completely dependent on the funding. I can’t afford to cover the costs out of pocket since this involves hiring other people to finish different parts of it. They’re all collaborators who are known to me and they do great work, so I don’t need more people right now, just the funds to make sure everyone gets paid fairly for their efforts.

Here are the links and codes you’ll need.

For Digital Products like eBooks use this code at checkout: Januaryebook50

For Printed Books use this code at checkout: Januaryprint30
(Sorry, the discount does not apply to shipping costs)

Here’s the link to my store:

The sale ends on January 31, 2023. Thank you very much for your support.

Spinward Fringe

The Last of the Bullet Chasers – A Spinward Fringe Short

It’s out! An adventure no one saw coming in the Spinward Fringe Universe starring a pilot with a mission that could cost him years, his life, or take him to a new beginning in the Rega Gain system has finally come out as an ebook short. This seven-chapter story came about because I had an irresistible idea. What if there was a crew tasked with chasing after missiles, torpedoes and worse that missed their initial target, but could destroy a world, end a civilization, or worse years later by mistake?

I got into more detail in the Foreward, but suffice it to say, I had to follow that story to its end, bringing this pilot, Cooper, also known as “Breaker” along with his repair bot named Ratter and the rest of the crew to life. Characters from this short will appear in at least two of the new Spinward Fringe books that are coming in 2022 and 2023, so if you like the crew, you’ll see them again once this stand-alone tale is over.

Here’s the synopsis:

War has gone interstellar, and the galaxy has become an even more dangerous place. Firing a weapon in the vacuum of space can cause repercussions days, years, or even centuries later when that bullet, missile, torpedo or other instrument of destruction makes an impact. That’s where heroes like Cooper come in.

Interplanetary civil war has raged on in his home solar system for decades. Every missed shot could strike an unsuspecting innocent and one side is interested in keeping the devastation of their conflict from spreading to the rest of the universe. That’s why they started the Chaser program, which enlists pilots like Cooper, callsign Breaker, to pursue wayward munitions so they can be destroyed before they end a civilization, wreck a space station, or end all life on worlds that had nothing to do with the fight that inspired the firing of a weapon.

With the civil war winding down, the government is changing, and the Chaser program is coming to an end, but not before Cooper, a faithful repair robot named Ratter and the rest of the crew of the Monte Carlo finish one last pursuit. There’s a dangerous group of missiles and torpedoes travelling at nearly the speed of light headed for the civilized Rega Gain system. There is enough antimatter aboard those munitions to crack a planet.

For reasons he’s not sharing, Cooper is determined to stop the missile group from destroying the terraformed moon of Tamber and damaging the world it orbits, even if years pass relative to the minutes it takes the Monte Carlo to finish its mission in this all-or-nothing effort.

Come and witness the end of a tradition of duty, sacrifice, and glory. Will it be the end of the crew, or lead them to a new beginning in a solar system that is largely unaware that they’re in danger, but the crew of the Monte Carlo are desperate to save?

The Last of the Bullet Chasers is available at my store in epub format (compatible with all Apple, Android devices and most Kindle readers). It will be an Amazon Kindle exclusive starting on the 24th of September. (The exclusivity will most likely end three months later).

UPDATE: Thanks to readers who contacted me since this post, The Last of the Bullet Chasers will not be exclusive to Amazon, but will be available everywhere. Watch this post for links to Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other sites as the book comes online before the end of September.

Here’s the direct link to the book on my store: The Last of the Bullet Chasers at Randolph’s Bookstore
Other Retailers: Smashwords | Other retail links will come soon.
Amazon Kindle Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon Australia | Amazon Germany | Amazon Canada

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